Fintech Startups Explore Product Design and Management by BEYN

September 25, 2023

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BEYN warmly welcomed the three winning startups of the Factubox Challenge, namely D&D, Fatora, and Fintrack, as part of the 5th edition of the Algeria Startup Challenge. The winners began their adventure with a guided tour of BEYN's headquarters, exploring various departments and getting introduced to Algerian Fintech, which is pushing the boundaries of financial inclusion in Algeria. BEYN shared its expertise in this area and supported the startups at the start of their journey.

The three winning startups participating in the Factubox program by BEYN:

  • D&D | Data&Development: A company specializing in software development, offering a B2B platform for online payments via a mobile app. Founded by Hichem Chabane.


  • Fintrack: A mobile application that allows users to easily pay all their bills using an online payment system. Founded by Amine Merdaoui and Safia Djenane.


  • Fatora: A solution that aims to centralize invoices in one place to simplify management and improve operational efficiency. Founded by Abderrahmane Bouzeghaia, Azzouz Ibrahim, and Oussama Kherroubi.

During this captivating day, our startups participated in a workshop led by BEYN experts on the theme: "Product Design & Product Management." This key topic at BEYN was shared with the startups to equip them with essential tools for implementing and designing digital Fintech platforms.

The day concluded with a dynamic networking session and exciting exchanges about the various opportunities for startups in the financial and payment sector in Algeria.

The day successfully combined discovery, innovation, and connectivity to prepare the startups for the path of collaboration in Open Innovation and the co-development of Factubox. Additionally, the participating startups are offered numerous benefits, including the opportunity for open innovation collaboration with BEYN, significant support and guidance, and a launch grant starting from 500,000 DZD for the best startup of the program, which will be revealed during the grand finale of the Algeria Startup Challenge.


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