An Easier Way to Stay in Shape

May 24, 2022

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The new trend of consuming healthy, innovative, and ready-to-eat foods is leading the cereal bar market to a steady growth of about 20% per year. 

Today, cereal bars are consumed worldwide by people with health issues or simply as a quick snack with high caloric value. Recent research has shown that young adults aged 15 to 24 make up 62.5% of cereal bar consumers.

However, this food remains unfamiliar to many people in Algeria. Therefore, we have decided to introduce these bars by formulating a cereal bar of plant origin, enriched with natural antioxidants, at a better price that is accessible to everyone. 

What are the components of our cereal bar? 

The cereal bar has been carefully formulated using oats and various dried fruits and nuts. Added to this are several ingredients known and recognized for their high antioxidant potential. As a result, we have obtained a bar with high nutritional and energy values (minimum 131 Kcal per bar). 

Would our energy bar appeal to the Algerian population? 

According to the results of a sensory study, the majority of people who tested our product were satisfied and found the formulated cereal bar very pleasant in terms of taste, smell, appearance, etc. These results prove that we have successfully formulated a cereal bar that suits most consumers. The respondents also stated that it was accessible to everyone. 


Thus, we have not only achieved our goal of formulating a cereal bar of plant origin, rich in natural antioxidants, but we have also managed to produce it at a very attractive price (Bensbaa et al., 2021).



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