Sustainability Leaders Bootcamp: Challenging Students for Sustainable Development in Algeria

April 12, 2022

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Sustainable development, the organization of society to meet present needs effectively without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. Today, this transition to a more sustainable model is a priority for nations to live in a fairer world and preserve our planet and its natural resources.  

In recent years, we have observed a growing trend towards "sustainability," particularly among young people, who are increasingly concerned about sustainable development issues and are fully willing to actively contribute to shaping their lifestyles and consumption habits. 


Leancubator addressed this during its latest support program exclusively dedicated to Algerian students with sustainable solutions in food, health, and the environment! 


But... What is the Sustainability Leaders Bootcamp? 




It is an initiative organized by Leancubator, as part of the Med Dialogue program, with the support of the European Union, aimed at training students on tools for developing sustainable projects in various pre-selected fields. This Bootcamp will provide project holders with the necessary tools for developing sustainable projects and will benefit from support within the framework of support activities for the emergence of sustainable projects.

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Thus, participants were subjected to three themes: food, environment, and health: 



The initiative attracted no fewer than 157 participants, mainly students from all over the country, of whom 9 were selected for a support program and had the privilege of presenting their ideas to a highly experienced jury and receiving advice throughout their journey to mature their projects. 


The three winners of the challenge: 

After a long journey, we finally unveil the three winning projects in the three themes: 


Food Theme: Agri Insects by GUEDDOU Djaafer, 

a project based on the exploitation of food waste for the production of 100% natural organic food for poultry and various animals. 


Health Theme: DIAGNOSTICA by M’BAREK Abdelghani

A SaaS platform for medical image analysis, powered by AI, which serves as a diagnostic aid service. The project aims to help doctors and medical personnel make faster and more accurate diagnoses at lower costs.


Environment Theme: Smart Walk by NABED Cherifa

inspired by the smart and walkable city model, using passive solutions such as smart sidewalks for energy production, as well as a scoring system that encourages people to walk, produce energy, and stay healthy. 


These winners will have the chance to be accompanied by entrepreneurs throughout the implementation and realization of their projects, while wishing them the best of luck in the future!


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