Incubators in Algeria - Complete List 2021

March 14, 2021

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The establishment of businesses prepares for the renewal and adaptation of the economy, in other words, the future. Economic policymakers have gradually become aware of the need to encourage it and, even more, not to discourage it, given the direct links between the level of business creation and innovation and economic growth.


Recognizing the natural fragility of new businesses against established competitors, coupled with the need for support and lack of funding, experience, or even premises, we cannot discuss the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Algeria without considering the number of private, public, and mixed actors whose vocation is to support the development of startups. 

Incubators in Algeria: 

1) Leancubator : 

Positioned as an innovation hub, Leancubator's mission is to offer a multitude of startup and innovative project acceleration and support programs in different sectors, based on Open Innovation as a key factor in realizing innovative projects. With a Startup Factory, Leancubator focuses on human capital in creating innovative solutions contributing to the development of a knowledge-based modern economy.

Established in 2020, it is now a key player in the innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem in Algeria, organizing various programs under its umbrella, including Algeria Startup Challenge :
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2) CapCowork : 

Established in 2018, Capcowork is a startup incubator and innovative project support structure offering guidance from ideation to market entry, as well as funding for promising projects, with coworking space.

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3) ACSE : 

Short for "Algerian Center for Social Entrepreneurship," as the name suggests, is an incubator specialized in social entrepreneurship. Established in 2016 to promote social entrepreneurship, ACSE supports Algerian social entrepreneurs in creating, developing, and sustaining their businesses, known for its Impact at Work program.

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4) IncubMe : 

IncubMe is an initiative dating back to 2018, led by Algerians from the economic world, both in Algeria and abroad. This year, they are organizing the pan-African startup incubation program Africa By IncubMe :

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5) WomWork by the Annex DZ : 

WomWork is Algeria's 100% female incubator dedicated to female entrepreneurship, initiated by the coworking space The Annex DZ, aiming to support women's projects across the country by providing tailored support to start their businesses.

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6) TStart by Ooredoo : 

An initiative by Ooredoo, Tstart is a program supporting the creation of technological startups dedicated to innovative project holders in NTIC-related fields.

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7) Naqltech : 

NaqlTech is the first startup incubator dedicated to the transport, logistics, and mobility sectors. It represents a model of public-private partnership between the Ministry of Transport and the Capcowork incubator. 

8) ENP Incubator by Djezzy :

The incubator of the National Polytechnic School (ENP) in partnership with the mobile operator, Djezzy. Established in 2017, aiming to support young startups at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey.

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9) ANPT : 

The National Agency for the Promotion and Development of Technological Parks is a public industrial and commercial enterprise. Its headquarters are located at the Sidi-Abdallah Cyberpark, aiming to boost the ICT sector and promote greater technological penetration within Algerian society.

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10) Westinnov : 

Westinnov is the newest addition to the ecosystem, the first incubator in Oran, specializing in various themes including Agritech, logistics, and digital, launched recently by the Idenet group. 


11) INcubator : 

Aimed at supporting the creation of start-ups, it includes a complete entrepreneurship ecosystem to help young entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into start-ups, located in Setif. 


12) INNOEST : 

The first start-up incubator in the wilaya of Tebessa, taking ideas from the idea stage to a workable version prior to business creation through intensive incubation programmes.

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13) Crearena : 

Crearena is a new business incubator in Blida dedicated to entrepreneurs. As well as a co-working space, it offers a user-friendly workspace and a host of support and consulting services. 

14) KnowLab : 

KnowLab is a co-working space and incubator launched by Almaahed Pro International Company located in Blida. 

University incubators:

Throughout the world, universities have always been considered to be the beating heart of the economy, or rather the knowledge economy. If we take the example of the world leader in the ICT sector, Silicon Valley. We discover that its success is closely correlated with one of the world's most renowned universities, including Stanford, which has given the world a generation of leaders.

There are many more examples, underlining the importance of integrating the university as a key player in the knowledge-based economy. In Algeria, incubators have been set up in universities and business schools for some time now. The aim of university incubators is to encourage the development of start-ups by providing them with favourable conditions (technical, financial and human) for the creation of businesses based on public research projects.

The Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research, Abdelbaki Benziane, announced on Saturday 20 March in Oran that 78 entrepreneurship centres and 44 incubators had been set up across higher education establishments nationwide.


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