Co-working Spaces in Algeria

May 31, 2021

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Co-working Spaces

You've probably heard of co-working? This new concept is experiencing endemic development in Algeria. But what exactly is a co-working space?


As the name suggests, "co-working" primarily means "working together," in a new vision of work that combines autonomy and collaboration.

Co-working is a new way of working with simple rules practiced in dedicated spaces. Co-working spaces can take various forms, ranging from furnished cafes to rented offices.

In a collaborative space, consultants, startups, freelancers, or digital nomads come together to develop their projects autonomously, but also often create new partnerships with other coworkers. Potentially, we are all someone's clients, and when skills match, it can spark innovation.

A New Way of Working 

With the advent of Generations Y and Z, work is evolving. It is no longer something one endures; today, everyone is active and responsible for their career. Involvement and creativity are emphasized. People no longer want to be mere employees but collaborators; they no longer spend their days in offices but in "workspaces." They seek mobility and comfort in a friendly environment. They want to feel a bit at home while being surrounded by stimulating personalities. Gradually, places have opened their doors, trying to best meet the expectations of today's and tomorrow's workers... they are broadly called "third places," and among them, co-working spaces are prominent. 



Benefits of Co-working 

Co-working spaces provide access to professional equipment and quality infrastructure: desks, Wi-Fi, printers, projectors, meeting rooms, etc. All this at a moderate cost since it is shared among coworkers. This system also allows you to save precious time by freeing you from certain administrative tasks. But working in co-working is also and above all about joining a community and respecting the values of co-working. Your office becomes a place of meetings and exchanges, based on the idea that "the more I give, the more I receive." Collaborative work tools facilitate your daily life, and the human aspect generates a very positive emulation... and more if you're compatible! The benefits of co-working are numerous and should appeal to workers in search of a new adventure.


Some Co-working Space Addresses in Algeria 

To help entrepreneurs reduce their expenses and continue their activities, especially following the damage caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, several co-working spaces have emerged, while others existed well before; here is our small selection of these spaces in different parts of the country:

Algiers : The Annex, The Address, Sylabs, Capcowork, Bulle Space, Orbit.

Constantine : CosyCoffice.

Blida : Créarena.

Oran : Niwa.

Sétif : InnovaCo.


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