Financial Inclusion through BEYN's Lens

January 19, 2023

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The financial world is fascinating, with the advancement of digital technologies, new economic actors emerge, bringing a breath of fresh air to the financial sector.

A topic of current interest for several years now due to its importance. Financial inclusion aims to facilitate access to financial services for all individuals regardless of their income level and social or geographical conditions.

Now that banking services are more accessible to a much larger and diversified population, user behavior is evolving, becoming increasingly demanding, thus leading to the emergence of new financial offers and products.

The challenge facing players in the banking sector is to design solutions that are more tailored to the specific needs of different market segments. 



This is where BEYN comes in... 

With over 15 years of existence, BEYN has long been committed to financial inclusion, notably by offering innovative solutions and easily accessible products for every user. The goal is to enable users to easily access suitable banking products.

To learn more, we offer you this interview about the history of BEYN's creation with Reda Benbouzid, its Founder and CEO:  ASC x BEYN - A brief history about BEYN evolution's in the financial sector


Thanks to their dedication, it is possible for every individual with a bank account to fully enjoy the financial services offered, all from their smartphone. Furthermore, BEYN also offers a comprehensive range of finance-related services; digital payment, personalized digital banking experience, optimal management of client activities, etc.

In conclusion, the banking sector is vast, and economic actors are ready to do anything to attract maximum clients and increase their profits. It is essential not to forget that technological innovation remains essentially the factor responsible for the progress made so far. Offering innovative products will give them a competitive advantage in the finance market. 



WimPay, THE payment platform in Algeria.  


Do you ever forget your wallet? Yes, but never your smartphone!

The tone is set, Wimpay is the new payment platform in Algeria, developed by Beyn. It offers its users several features including payment via QR CODE, P2P transfer, bill payment, credit top-up, and more.

By completely substituting cash, you can instantly pay for your purchases while managing your budget. Secure and with simplified usage, WimPay is a payment platform that is linked to your bank account.

By joining the WimPay community, you can:


-Transfer money to any contact via their mobile phone number

-Request money from a loved one

-Top up your phone credit

-Pay your ADSL connection

-Pay your AADL contributions

-Pay for your purchases from merchants within the WIMPAY network

Easy and a Must-have, isn't it? Download WimPay now! 


Want to learn more? We invite you to visit their channels: 

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