How to Obtain the Innovative Projects Label?

April 11, 2021

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In the world of entrepreneurship, innovation is often synonymous with success... but also subject to some clichés. Entrepreneurship is a very difficult adventure, fraught with obstacles and setbacks. To succeed in this challenge, the best way is still to find an idea that will allow you to combine work and pleasure, entrepreneurial will, a few methods, and good support; innovation is within everyone's reach! 

Innovation in brief: 

Innovation is creating something from scratch that did not exist before, offering a creative and novel solution to an existing problem... but not only that. Innovation also involves injecting something new into the existing, refining, optimizing, whether it's a product, a service, or even a process. Different types of innovations can then be distinguished: disruptive innovations, radical innovations, and incremental innovations.

Practically, how can you show innovation?  

Step 1: Identify your various passions: The more specific and atypical your passions are, the more chances there will be for you to find new sources of value.

Step 2: Identify an unmet need or improve an existing idea:

There are two main possibilities for creating a successful business:

Identify an untapped need that no one has yet discovered.

Or identify an already used solution that therefore already meets a need but which you believe is better suited to the target market.

Step 3: Identify the customer segments to satisfy: An innovative business idea is always judged by its ability to meet an hitherto unsatisfied need for a specific segment of customers. Thus, finding people with common characteristics acting in the field that fascinates you. 


"Innovative Projects" Label: 

The "Innovative Projects" label is aimed at project holders who have not yet created their company, mainly students, researchers, etc., and for any project related to innovation in Algeria. The person wishing to obtain the "Innovative Projects" label must submit an application via the national electronic portal for Startups accompanied by the following documents:

-A presentation of the project and its innovative aspects.

-Elements proving the strong potential for economic growth (business model, business plan...).

-The scientific and/or technical qualifications and experience of the team in charge of the project.

-Any intellectual property titles and any prizes or awards obtained. 

Note: The "Innovative Projects" label is granted for the natural person or group of natural persons for a period of two (2) years, renewable twice. 

On the occasion of the installation of the Commission for the labeling of "Startups," "Incubators," and "Innovative Projects," the minister announced that this commission will meet periodically "on average twice a month" and will allow to study the requests that will be received "exclusively" on the portal "". Do you want to obtain the innovative project label? Visit the dedicated platform of the Ministry in charge of the knowledge economy and startups:


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