How do you obtain the Incubator label?

March 14, 2021

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1) What is an incubator?

In the innovation sector, incubators, also known as business incubators or business nurseries, are structures that support and assist in the creation of businesses. Professionals and experts help aspiring entrepreneurs bring their projects to fruition without stumbling early due to material problems or lack of awareness of common difficulties. 

2) What do incubators offer?

The main mission of incubators is to support business creators in their projects. To achieve this, they offer various resources:


1. Sharing experiences: Incubators typically host several startups. It is always beneficial to share difficulties, questions, and successes with other project leaders.

2.Advice: Incubators provide guidance from specialists in the sector related to the project and facilitate connections with lawyers, bankers, or accountants. The goal is also to find future partners and consider fundraising from investors and partners to launch the activity.

3.Logistical support: Incubators often provide entrepreneurs with office space, meeting rooms, and equipment (computers, office supplies), as well as assistance in creating prototypes.

4.Networking and financing facilitation: The incubator is an ideal place to build and develop a professional network, as it has an extensive network of potential investors and partners. 


3) «Incubators» Label:

In Algeria, any public, private, or public-private partnership structure that offers support to startups and innovative project leaders in terms of accommodation, training, advice, and financing is eligible for the "Incubators" label.


Applications for the "Incubators" label are submitted to the national committee via the startup electronic portal, accompanied by the following documents:

- A detailed layout plan of the incubator.

- A list of equipment available to the incubated startups.

- A presentation of the various services offered by the incubator to the incubated startups.

- A presentation of the different training and coaching programs offered by the incubator.

- The curricula vitae (CVs) of the incubator's staff, trainers, and coaches.

- If applicable, a list of the incubated startups.

- An extract from the commercial register and the fiscal identification cards (NIF) and statistical identification cards (NIS).

- A copy of the company's legal statutes.

- A certificate of membership in the National Social Insurance Fund (CNAS) with a nominal list of employees.

- A certificate of membership in the National Social Security Fund for Non-Salaried Workers (CASNOS).

- A copy of the current year's financial statements.

Applicants seeking the "Incubators" label in Algeria must have staff with the required qualifications and/or sufficient professional experience in business support.

The "Incubators" label is granted to the applicant for a renewable five-year term. 

4) Advantages Granted to Incubators:

1) Tax exemption: 

 Incubators benefit from tax exemptions for a two-year period (LF2021) on:

  - Professional Activity Tax (TAP).

  - Global Income Tax (IRG).

  - Corporate Profit Tax (IBS).

  - VAT on equipment directly used for their investment projects. 

2) Financing :

Labelled incubators are eligible for state subsidies.

3) Land :

   Incubators benefit from facilitated access to land grants and concessions. 


At the inauguration of the commission for the labeling of "Startups," "Incubators," and "Innovative Projects," the minister announced that this commission will meet periodically, "on average twice a month," to review applications received "exclusively" through the portal ""


Regarding incubators, it is required to provide services such as coaching and training, have a well-qualified team, and demonstrate significant success in achieving the outcomes of the projects they support. Want to obtain the incubator label? Visit the dedicated platform of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Startups:



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