Leancubator Participates in the 7th 'SFS-MED' Webinar

March 20, 2024

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The SFS-MED Platform organized the seventh in a series of technical webinars on the levers for transforming food systems. The webinar brought together experts from across the Mediterranean region to explore the following questions:


What are the most effective and viable measures, strategies, and incentives to support a blue transformation in the Mediterranean, and how can stakeholders collaborate to implement them?

How can regional collaboration for a blue transformation of the Mediterranean address the main challenges to the effective implementation of these measures?

The Leancubator innovation hub, represented by Ms. Nesrine Ziad, participated in the panels to share the state of play of the blue economy in the Mediterranean and its contribution to food security from the perspective of collaborative and sustainable innovation between challenges and opportunities. In particular, the Algerian experience, with its recommendations and incentives.


Want to find out more? Watch the replay now: https://www.fao.org/webcast/home/en/item/6486/icode/


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