Leancubator Organizes the Fintech Startup Challenge 2022

June 10, 2022

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A program focused on innovations in the fields of Fintech, Insurtech, and Regtech, as well as risk management, aimed at boosting startups using innovative and disruptive operational, technological, or economic models to address emerging issues in the financial industry. The selection of these startups is based on statistics showing a significant need for innovation in the professional field and the interest of concerned organizations.

Therefore, we have called on the most innovative and creative startups to address this gap.

The Fintech Startup Challenge will focus on three themes this year:

This category includes innovative solutions related to various fintech practices, such as payment solutions, cash management, crowdfunding, e-banking, robo-advisors, etc., using Big Data, AI, and new technologies.

This category involves startups active in innovative insurance, smart comparators, collaborative insurance, or fully digital insurance.

Regtech & Risk Management:
This category focuses on innovations designed to simplify the monitoring of financial regulatory constraints and intelligent risk management.


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